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This countryhouse with exposed brickwork covers a surface of 300 square meters with a suggestive architectural shape, two buildings in a rectangular layout. The location is extremely wide open, with a stunning view over the surrounding hills with many olive trees. The area is famous for the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil, so the climate is gentle, mild and less humidity than the coastal areas. The countryhouse is located in a dominant place, overlooking the old plot of land that used to be wide, as you can understand from the size of the house. Today it could be turned into a house, and its surface could be even enlarged + 35%, requesting an authorization for a project including a swimming pool, and in two-months time you get the building permit from the local Municipality (please see The area is beautiful, between Cingoli and Treia, not far from Macerata. It’s perfect to be transformed into a Holiday Farm (i.e. an “agriturismo”), a Bed & Breakfast or a block of flats to rent out. It is not difficult to reach the property, the road is comfortable and simple, only a short untarmacked road that borders the property, less than 100 meters, and it i salso very well kept. The property is under the Municipality of Cingoli, a beautiful city with a stunning old town, recently restored, beautiful frescoes and art works to visit (by Vincenzo Lotto).

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